Our Partners


FSNSA has partners in six South Asian countries, who are mainly NGOs/CSOs involved in research, policy advocacy and lobby work, CBOs who are working directly with communities and Peoples Movements. In each country FSNSA has its own network and secretariat. Below are the contact address of the FSN-Secretariat of the national networks in respective countries and few words about the organizations which host the secretariat at country level

Food Sovereignty Network Afghanistan
The secretariat is hosted by The Afghanistan Human Rights Organisation (AHRO). AHRO is an independent, non-profit, campaign, research, humanitarian and advocacy organization, which is committed to promote and develop basic respect and responsibility for human rights, dignity, value and principles within Afghanistan

Food Sovereignty Network Bangladesh
Karmajibi Nari hosts the secretariat in Bangladesh.
Karmojibi Nari is an organization of woman-workers, striving to establish rights, dignity and authority of woman-workers along with women and laborers.

India: FIAN West Bengal (Adhoc)
Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN), West Bengal is the main contact organization of FSNSA in India at present. It is working for promotion of right to food by increasing general awareness and education about right to food and related national and international policies/instruments, FIAN WB empowers individuals and communities, in particular victims of violations, to understand, claim and realize their right to food and feed oneself through effective policy advocacy and lobby work. http://www.fianwb.org/

Food Sovereignty Network Nepal
ANPFa hosts the secretariat of this large national network.
All Nepal Peasants' Federation (ANPFa), is an umbrella association of entire Nepali peasants -progressive, patriotic, democratic and justice-loving- who are struggling against feudalism, imperialism and neo-liberalism. The association provides leaderships to millions of peasants and their independent organizations

Food Sovereignty Network Pakistan (Adhoc)
Presently the main contact organization is Sangi Foundation of Pakistan. Larkano Pakistan. Many prominent individuals, political personalities and media representatives are also actively supporting FSNSA's work in Pakistan

Food Sovereignty Network Sri Lanka
Like in other countries, this vibrant network has its core committee which is well represented by many prominent organizations and individuals. The secretariat lies with NAFSO, which organizes fishermen/women to lobby the government to defend their rights and to bring about good environmental practice in coastal areas

Regional Secretariat of FSNSA
FSNSA has working relationship with wide range of national, regional and international NGOs/CSOs and INGOs as well as IGOs. It has its regional secretariat at Kolkata, India hosted by IMSE. This organization is a leading NGO of India, established in early 70s for promotion of human rights in general and land rights among poor in particular. It works in Eastern India and at regional and International level