Key Activities of FSNSA

Activities • Interventions
Hunger scenario in South Asia

The following key activities would be undertaken by FSNSA in the coming years:

  • Strengthening country level FSNSA network

  • Promotion of existing international commitments i.e. VGRF, ICARRD MDG-1 etc.

  • Collection of concrete cases on hunger, land grabbing and forceful eviction

  • Evidence based advocacy and lobby work with state actors & stake holders

  • Dialogue with global actors to promote food sovereignty and good governance

  • Documenting evidences of good and bad practices related to promotion of food sovereignty in different SA countries

  • Capacity building of network partners

  • Creating resource pool and research space for alternative development paradigm (Food sovereignty) and its realization

  • Creating an environment of trust and peace among the South Asian organizations and people to enable them to work collectively towards a common goal

  • Mapping hunger at all levels, starting from households, developing a critical analysis of hunger scenario

  • Need for developing a holistic vision of alternative development paradigm (Food sovereignty)

  • Mobilize people at grassroots level and generate awareness among masses

  • Intervention to make SAARC more open to people at large

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